Friday, April 15, 2011

Partake Locally

How many of you dear readers remember when this storefront at the corner of Sixth and San Benito Streets was a gift shop?

Okay, how many of you recall when it was Schipper's, a rather cool clothing store? When did we become so old.

Today, this corner is home to the Mars Hill Coffeehouse. Along with offering customers a place to rest and chat with friends and family, while sipping coffee and eating snacks, it provides a venue for various activities and entertainment.

One of the coffeehouse's regular events is Story Time for children and their parents which features professional storyteller Julie Engelhardt.  This coming Monday, April 18, Julie will present "Hop into Spring, featuring stories about spring and easter. The free event starts at 11 a.m.

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  1. Great post about Story Time and the wonderful things Julie Engelhardt has been doing for youngsters in our community; she has been presenting these free gatherings for almost a year!

    The primary purpose of Story Time is to raise awareness of the importance of reading to our children. Through participation in the community - like your Take 25 To Hollister blog does - people get to connect and have conversations... good stuff! Thanks very much for spreading the word.

    There is always room for more kids, more reading and more fun at Story Time


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