Friday, April 29, 2011

San Juan Grade Road

"Where does this road go?" asked the husband, as we kept straight rather than turn left towards the Anza Trail in San Juan Bautista.

"We've driven this before. It comes out on Highway 101 by the eucalyptus grove," I answered.

"I don't remember driving this," he said.

"We have," I said.

I was wrong, and so was the husband. We had driven it before. Just last year, in fact. It was the back road to Salinas. We didn't recognize it, I suppose, because of how green the hills were. It was so worth the drive forth and back on it that late afternoon.


  1. that sort of thing has happened to us before. Places look different at different times of year or even different times of day.

  2. Welcome to my neck of the woods! Thanks for branching out of Hollister to the San Juan Bautista area, where there are so many wonderful areas to explore ;-)

  3. hip-chick, this was the first time we took the road in the Spring and in the late afternoon. So, that must've been it. :-)

    Wonder Wanda,the husband and I find ourselves heading over your way a lot more than usual because of the great coffee at Vertigo. :-)

  4. Hello, we were recently stuck in that terrible traffic on 101 N., just after Prunedale. I look at the map and thought we could take Crazy Horse Canyon Rd up to San Juan Grade Rd and then down to San Juan Bautista, then over to 152 where we wanted to go. Thinking that the San Juan Grade Rd. would be too frightening, we decided to stick with the traffic jam. In all we were in that jam for over an hour before we got to the turn off for 156. Could uyou tell us what that road is like? We're driving a Subaru Outback so the vehicle isn't too large. Thank you for your input. Mark

    1. Hi, Mark, the San Juan Grade Rd. is a pleasant drive, with mild curves compared to the Sierra foothills. It is a two-lane paved road. I haven't been on it in a year so I don't know what the condition is like. If you're unfamiliar with the road, it can definitely be scary at night.

      There is another round-about way to 152. At Prunedale, take San Miguel Canyon Rd, turn right at Tarpey, then turn right on San Juan Rd. A bit up the way will be a sign for Aromas. Turn right to Aromas, go through the town, and follow the sign to Riverside Rd/Chittenden Rd, also known as Hwy 129. Turn right onto 129. It will eventually intersect with 101. If traffic is heavy at that point, you can cross the freeway and follow the sign into San Juan Bautista, etc.

      Hope that helps.


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