Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hey, Look Up!

Is that a decorative lintel I spy?

Yep. You can find it on the 1931 building on Fifth and San Benito Streets that is now home to the Vault. It was originally built for the Bank of America.

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  1. Amazing what you find when you look up.

    Those stepping stones at Lealholm are still there - I've added a comment linking to a 2007 photo of them.

  2. love the "found" image!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Sometimes you discover wonderful artwork when you look up and not only at the front door !
    ABC team

  4. Lintel--what a clever choice. And a bit of a travel log too. Thanks for sharing such a fun post!!

  5. Lintel is a word not heard often. And surely the deco is something rarely seen, too. Great catch!

  6. Gerald, most definitely! :-)

    Roger, I think they're supposed to images of the grizzly bear and Mercury. The bear is a California symbol so that makes sense. Mercury?

    Gattina, this building has even more wonderful pieces of work.

    nonizamboni, I love your name!

    Tumblewords, thank you. :-)

  7. Honestly, i opened my encarta dictionary just to look for "lintel" word. Thanks for the word.

    Thanks for the ABC Wed comment too.


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